Land Ice Sled Trace

Parts & Accessories

Optimised for land ice

Made from 6mm Spectra our Land Ice Traces are purpose designed for hauling your sled on demanding icecap and backcountry expeditions. No tools required.

  • Minimum 850kg / 1900lb breaking strain
  • 6mm Spectra or 8mm double-braid polyester
  • 3 lengths

Rope colours may differ from those pictured here

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Spectra tough

Made from 6mm Spectra rope or 8mm double-braid polyester, our Land Ice Traces are light, strong, minimalist and functional.

Icetrek Land Ice Traces Front

Harness connection

A loop at the harness end is designed to clip into a harness carabiner or into a Download Strain Reducer. The loop is big enough to accommodate a double bend for incresed strength and minimal friction.

Icetrek Land Ice Traces Front Loop

Sled connection

The ends of the sled loop are knotted to connect to the sled using a Larks Head knot in the tow loops.

Icetrek Land Ice Traces Knot


Weight (medium): 170g / 7.4oz

Shipping weight (medium): 400g / 14oz

Material: 6mm Spectra or 8mm 

Breaking strain, unknotted*: 1800kg / 3968lb / 17.6kN

Made in: Australia


Weight (medium): 270g / 9.5oz

Shipping weight (medium): 500g / 18oz

Material: 8mm double-braid polyester yacht rope

Breaking strain, unknotted*: 1700kg / 3747lb / 16.7kN

Made in: Australia

*Our lines are knotted so as a general rule the breaking strain is around half of that listed here.