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This format of our Iceblog began March 2016, not all of our trips are listed.

Upcoming trips

Icetrek South Pole Reedy Glacier Keith And Rob Roped Up

South Pole via Kansas Glacier

Jade Hameister is a Melbourne schoolgirl with a huge quest - to become the youngest person to complete the Polar Hat-trick (skiing to both poles and across Greenland). Together with Icetrek, in April 2014, at age 14, she skied 150km to the North Pole, in May 2017 550km across Greenland and at 16 she will attempt the biggest of the three challenges, to ski a new route to the South Pole from the contiguous coast of Antarctica. Her father Paul, hoimself a Seven Summiteer and participant in the North Pole and Greenland trips, again joins the team, as does cameraman Ming D'Arcy and assistant Heath Jamieson. Both have previously been to the South Pole. Lastly, IPGA Master Polar Guide and Icetrek owner Eric Philips will guide the team.

The team begins December 6, 2017 from the Ross Ice Shelf at the extreme eastern end of the Transantarctic Mountains. The route follows the lower section of the Reedy Glacier (pioneered by Icetrek last year) then turns sharply west and up the untrodden Kansas Glacier to the Stanford Plateau. Here, above 2500m elevation, the team makes an early entry to the Antarctic Plateau and slowly ascends for 4 degrees of latitude (over 430km) to the South Pole at over 2800m to arrive mid-January.

Previous trips

Greenland Traverse 2017

With this crossing of Greenland Jade Hameister continued her quest to be the youngest person to complete the Polar Hat Trick

Svalbard Expedition 2017

Our annual training expedition to the wonderful mountains, glaciers and fiords of Svalbard. Participants learn the ropes of polar travel, cold management, safety and navigation. March 15 to 25, 2017.

North Pole Extreme Ski 2017

Between April 4 and 14, Australians John Mullen and Eric Philips will ski the last degree across the Arctic Ocean to the North Pole. In September we completed a training trip in the Australian Alps during which time we learned of John's experiences in the Alaskan wilderness when in his 20's.

South Pole via Reedy Glacier 2016-17

A 34-day/605km ski expedition from the Ross Ice Shelf via the previously un-traversed Reedy Glacier to the South Pole.

South Pole Emperor Odyssey 2016

Our annual tour to Antarctica visiting the South Pole and Atka Bay Emperor penguin rookery. Guided by IPGA Master Polar Guide Jose Naranjo.

North Pole Expedition 2016

We guided 14yo old Australian schoolgirl Jade Hameister and her father on a 150km ski expedition across the frozen Arctic Ocean to the North Pole.

Spitsbergen Expedition - March 2016

Mardi Philips and her dad Eric on a kite-ski expedition into the mountains, glaciers and frozen fiords of Svalbard.

Kite-Ski Ulvetanna 2015

In December 2015 Icetrek director Eric Philips kite-skied solo from the coast of Antarctica inland to the Drygalski Mountains to see the iconic peaks of Ulvetanna and Holtana.

South Pole & Emperors 2015

Our annual tour to Antarctica visiting the South Pole and Atka Bay Emperor penguin rookery

South Pole to Pole Run 2012

Eric Philips guided ultra-distance marathoner Pat Farmer to the South Pole during the last leg of his Pole to Pole Run odyssey.

Arctic High North Pole 2012

Our North Pole Odyssey half degree expedition to the North Pole

North Pole to Pole Run 2011

We guided Australian ultra-distance marathoner Pat Farmer on the North Pole to Canada sector of his Pole to Pole Run odyssey.

North Pole Extreme Ski 2010

We guided Dr. Cathy Speed on a last degree expedition to the North Pole.

North Pole Odyssey 2010

We guided a team of Australians on a half degree expedition to the North Pole.

School Antarctic sailing expedition 2009

A team of staff and students from Geelong Grammar School, Australia, sailed in expedition yachts to Antarctica. This is the first school expedition to Antarctica.